Created for Kaiju Jam 2. All art, sound, and programming assets were created during the jam. 

Super Mega Awesome Ultra Kaiju Babies

     -a deck-building reverse tower defense auto-battler. 

Similar to sea turtles, these kaiju hatch on land and have to get back to the sea, but unfortunately newly built cities make this difficult. What's worse is that the city-dwellers are angry and fighting against these little cuties. 

You will select which cards get added to your deck, and strategically select targets for them to apply. Try to get through all of them and help your Kaiju live to raise the next generation.


     •8 levels

     •28 different cards to purchase

     •Cute GBA inspired pixel art

     •Rock'n sound track

     •Game Saves after each level. 

        (Go back in time to different decks you made!)

The Team:

     •Programming / Designer / Manager- Doug Terhune

     •Programming - Colin Henry

     •Art - Christina Terhune

     • Music and Sound Effects by Jamie Wind Whitmarsh (A103 Productions)

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorDoug T
GenreAction, Card Game, Simulation
TagsBullet Hell, Cute, Deck Building, Monsters, Pixel Art, Retro, Side Scroller, Tower Defense


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This was the cutest and most fun! I love the big kitty (CatZilla), it moves so cute!

The game was easy in the beginning, but it suddenly became difficult from Stage 6, and it was sad but fun to just watch my cute CatZilla get hit by lasers while screaming.

As for the cards, I felt that the ones that could make enemies disappear were very overpowered.

It would be interesting to try to win without using them!