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Forced to a new world, Elowen must cultivate the landscape and gather magic to restore her companion, Briony who's spirit is stuck in a lantern. Enchant seeds and avoid critters to protect the delicate ecology, and they will donate magic when your home gets close. Use your gathered magic to purchase upgrades and restore your companion to health. 

Elowen's Light aims to be a relaxing experience and  features beautiful artwork and an original sound track coordinated with a 10 minute day/night cycle. Follow a heartwarming story set in a procedural generated endless world with interesting creatures to discover .  


     WASD / Arrow keys - movement

     Space - jumping / selecting menu buttons

     Controller supported! (but the menu and the jump are two different buttons)

Made in two weeks for the Cultivation Jam, and work has continued for the Improve Your Game Jam, Devtober jam, and Accountability jam.
It was continued to be worked on over the next 3/4 of a year

The Team:

     •Programming / Designer / Manager- Juzek (Doug Terhune)

     •Programming - ChaosConstant

     •Art - Backgrounds, House, Environment - Yinawang    https://yinadesu.com/,   https://www.instagram.com/yieondesign/

     •Art - Characters, UI, Environment - Christina Terhune https://www.chubbywormart.com/home

     • Music by Jamie Wind Whitmarsh (A103 Productions) Sound Effects and implementation by Jamie Wind Whitmarsh (A103 Productions)  http://www.a103productions.com/

     • Clarinet - Lisa Kachouee

     •Writing / Story - Christina Terhune

Additional resources used :

Animation controller adapted from Joe Strout's 2D Animation Methods in Unity (gamedeveloper.com)

Development log


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My accidental body count in this game is higher than my intentional body count in others 

I like what you've done with the upgrade menu being the inside of the house. It was a little unclear that you had to press down to upgrade.

I did all the seed upgrades, but it seemed like I was unable to do a few red seeds after that upgrade, but I'm not sure if that is a bug or if maybe it is just difficult to tell the difference between the red and pink seeds. 

After about three of each, I assume the garden expansions and extra jumps just go on forever? It seems like the upgrade for the gift for the ghost guy is now missing.

The game world seems a bit more varied and alive now. I really like the big mushroom guy.

I'm not sure what the point of the jar with the magic progress bar in it is when the original one is still across the top and the particles fly towards that one.

ooh thanks for testing it for us! I just put it for our team mates to test it. I have yet to add any instructions, or re-do the story elements for Mossy, the Great Flutterer, and the Mushroom King. 

Some of the feedback we kept getting is that people were confused about when their magic is full and they should spend it, so I'm going overboard with the indicators. The jar, the bar, a text message, a sound effect, and now absolutely no reaction from the crystals. 

More to come!


Dudes! You have a very beautiful game!

I really enjoy the sounds, smooth controls and visual style.

But... I got stuck in the walls a couple of times, and did not understand how to get out of the "house" :D

When you are in the house, there is a button on the far right to get out. Or at least that is what has worked for me.

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I am so glad to report that the post-improve-my-game-jam improvements include a more intuitive menu system where you interact with things in your house, and just walk out of the house to leave. 

Nice :)


That's great. Love the world universe :-)