Use the arrow keys (up and down) select a track and right to start!
(Download is best quality)

Special thanks for the musical contributions of:

Track 1: Mr Funkyland

Track 2: MisterMinisterMaster

Track 3: Juzek

Track 4: JackLuxon

Track 5: Ferkeshu

Track 6: Jamie Wind Whitmarsh

The yellow bar shows how many arrows in a row you got. 

The purple bar shows what % of the arrows you got. 100% fills up the screen.

I wanted to focus on music this jam, but when looking for a team all I found were more musicians.  so I said "Screw it! lets make DDR! Send me your beats!" -  Doug Terhune (AKA Juzek) Programing, Art, Intro Song, Track 3.


Download 38 MB

Install instructions

The download is wonderful try it for the full effect with lighting and super syncing!

Best browser is chromium.  Firefox has lag issues. 

In the browser: backspace exits a song early.

This is the most technically complex game I have made, and I learned a few things. 

Keyboard Ghosting is a hardware issue where most keyboards can only reliably press 2 or maybe 3 keys at once, and there is nothing on the program's end that can be done about it other than "design a different game".

Unity generally has no idea what time it is, how music plays, and where all the pixels went. 

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